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Shoe Spa - Cleaning & Restoration Services

Backed with our chemical partners from the UK and Germany, the chemicals used to clean shoes are of the best quality and gentle to the human body.

Each shoe is treated and handled with care from the moment it is being dropped off. Depending on the built of the shoes (I.E. fabric, leather or mixed of fabric and leather), we have the right treatment for it.

Cleaning shoes can be a daunting task, just leave it to use to help you clean them well. Free pickup and delivery available.

Gallery (Before & After)

Most general stains can be removed easily however some stains will require more detail processing. There are also some stains on leather which cannot be remove and can only be corrected by restoration process for example pen and ballpoint ink on leather. Stains on the fabric are much more easier to be removed. Do call us or drop in for a free consultation.

Call us today to enquire more about our handbags spa services. We also provice free pickup and delivery services for handbag spa / restoration as part of our premium service.

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