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Backed with our chemical partners from the UK and Germany, the chemicals used to clean handbags are of the best quality and gentle to the human body.

Each handbag is treated and handled with care from the moment it is being dropped off. Depending on the built of the handbags (I.E. fabric, leather or mixed of fabric and leather), we have the right treatment for it.

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All our leather cleaning are process manually by hand. Following are some information on leathers which could give a better understanding on leather care.

Aniline Leather: A very exclusive type of leather. The leather is dyed in a dye bath and no pigmented coating is applied, allowing the leather to breathe naturally showing all its own unique markings and shade variations. Because of this, no two aniline leathers are the same. Because the leather contains no protective coating it is very absorbent and so is prone to staining and fading. You can identify Aniline leather by its very soft and natural texture.

Semi Aniline Leather: Similar to aniline but with the added advantage of a protective coating to help resist stains. Scratch marks may still be visible but not to the extent of an aniline leather.

Pigmented Leather: This type of leather is coated with pigmented spray giving the leather a covering of colour with no shade variations. Sometimes known as corrected grain leather, this is when an artificial grain pattern is embossed into the hide. This kind of leather are usually very durable and very easy to clean.

Bi-Cast Leather: This leather has a polyurethane film bonded to the surface creating a very hard wearing and easy clean leather however the leather will not have a natural look and feel as the layer of protective hides the natural surface of the leather.

Pull Up Leather: A natural type of leather that is designed to distress as it ages because the colour lightens when stretched or scratched giving it a very seasoned look and feel. Stains on this kind of leather are usually very difficult to clean.

NuBuck Leather: Leathers that are buffed grain side to create a velvety surface. This kind of leather feels very soft however cleaning any stains will be difficult without the right treatment and procedure.

Suede Leather: This is the split hide buffed to create a nap. Suede will always have a much rougher texture, more like a carpet pile, whereas NuBuck has a velvet texture. Both Suede and Nubuck are very prone to stain and require special treatment when cleaning.

Most general stains can be removed easily however some stains will require more detail processing. There are also some stains on leather which cannot be remove and can only be corrected by restoration process for example pen and ballpoint ink on leather. Stains on the fabric are much more easier to be removed. Do call us or drop in for a free consultation.

Call us today to enquire more about our handbags spa services. We also provice free pickup and delivery services for handbag spa / restoration as part of our premium service.

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